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Open Seats for Group Classes
We have a few open seats for some of our night class as well as daily class, below is the class schedule:

Binbei School

1)Night Class for Totel Beginners

Mon, Wed and Thu      19:00-21:00    

2)Night Class for Beginner III
Mon and Wed           18:45-20:45

3)Daily Class for Beginners Starting May 16th
Mon through Fri morning

4)Daily Class for Total Beginners from mid of June

Xiada Branch

1)Part Time Class for Beginners
Tue                  16:00-17:30
Thu                  14:00-15:30

2)Part Time Class for Beginner II
Tue and Thu          10:30-12:00

3)Part Time Class for Beginner III
Mon and Wed morning

There are other classes for students with differenct Chinese level upon request. Please contact Anne Xu for more information.

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